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Scottish Western Thoroughbred Vehicle Club (The S.W.T.V.C Ltd.) is based in and around the west of Scotland, this is a club for owners, drivers and anyone who has an interest in any make of classic and vintage vehicle .

We hold regular runs and outings throughout the year. The club publishes and posts or post onto website a monthly news bulletin to promote activities and tries to be informative and impartial in its views.

We are a member of the

Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federation

(Click above link to visit SVVF website)


Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

(Click above link to visit FBHVC website)

Please return regularly for more updates and more pictures.


To aid the committee arranging outings and events please contact the Secretary if you plan to attend.


2 responses to “Welcome to S.W.T.V.C. Homepage

  1. Hi there. Just looking at your listing under clubs in May’s Classic Motoring. I have a 1972 MK 1 Jensen Healey that I use regularly, located in Arrochar. Just wondering how active your club is and if my Jensen qualifies. Kevin

  2. SWTVC Administrator

    I have recovered this message from you dated 2007. Please accept my apology for this delay. I have recently been asked to review this club’s website, the past web editor has left the club. In answer to your question your car will be eligible for membership. Please contact our secretary (who is on holiday 24th April 2016 until mid May 2016) on lizyglasgow@gmail.com for information. We have around seven /eight outings per annum. Please visit the web pages to view events planned for 2016.
    Harry Sherry

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