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Scottish Western Thoroughbred Vehicle Club (The S.W.T.V.C Ltd.) is based in and around the west of Scotland, this is a club for owners, drivers and anyone who has an interest in any make of classic and vintage vehicle .

We hold regular runs and outings throughout the year. The club publishes and posts or post onto website a monthly news bulletin to promote activities and tries to be informative and impartial in its views.

We are a member of the

Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federation 

(Click above link to visit SVVF website)

please read this very important message from svvf

Received this email from SVVF .  14th  March 2020

From: John Hyman <johnhyman828@gmail.com>
Sent: 13 March 2020 11:18:23
Subject: SVVF – Important Message re Public Events

Dear Member ,

This is a message from the SVVF Chairman .
Following the recent announcement by the Scottish Government regarding public events, I understand that there may be a possible move next week to force all all public events to be cancelled.
Currently the advice is for those over 500 outside and 100 inside .
We all know that we are entering the rally season .
As the Federation we feel that you, as a responsible organisation, need to consider the following steps.
1- What is best for your Membership when it comes to club meetings/events ?
2- If you hold an event, what is the best possible scenario for you, as the event organiser, in respect to the financial commitments etc  ?
3- How long the restrictions may be in place and how it will have an impact on your organisation.
We are in a very similar situation from when we all had to deal with the Foot and Mouth out break all those years ago, and at that time we were at that time guided by what the Government said.
At this difficult time, I would suggest that you keep a very close eye on the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland websites as these will contain the most up to date information.
We will, of course, try and keep you updated .
I can advise that we are already receiving cancellation notices for events and we will endeavour to keep the information on our Stop Press page on our new Website up to date .
See www.svvf.org.uk for details
If you do have any changes to your proposed event, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will do best to help .
Peter Duncan
SVVF Chairman

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

M:(Click above link to visit FBHVC website)

Please return regularly for more updates and more pictures.


To aid the committee arranging outings and events please contact the Secretary  if you plan to attend.

Sandra Brown at:     san.soubeyran@hotmail.co.uk  

Helenslea Cottage
80 Barfillan Dr
Glasgow G521BD

8 responses to “Welcome to S.W.T.V.C. Homepage

  1. Hi there. Just looking at your listing under clubs in May’s Classic Motoring. I have a 1972 MK 1 Jensen Healey that I use regularly, located in Arrochar. Just wondering how active your club is and if my Jensen qualifies. Kevin

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We have recently opened Scoffers Fish & Chips Takeaway in Dalmally and would love for it to become a popular pit stop.

    We open every day and serve hot breakfasts, snacks and meals. We have parking for up to 50 vehicles and look out onto a beautiful view of Ben Lui and Ben Cruachan.

    We serve breakfast from 9am-11:30 and meals from 11:30-8pm.

    Call us on 07901274281 and find us at Dalmally Community Centre, 31 Glenview, PA33 1BE

    Please feel free to share this information and put it on your website.

    Thank you!
    Yours Sincerely,
    Sarah & Jamie Brighty, Scoffers Fish and Chips

  3. SWTVC Administrator

    Hi Donald, I will try to contact the owner then get him to contact you.

  4. Good afternoon ~
    I am writing in hopes of finding someone who may have knowledge of any existing relatives of either Andy or Jock Pattison (Darracq XS1735 HISTORY). I am their great niece who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. Their sister, Elizabeth, married my grandfather Robert Smith and lived in New Jersey. I will be visiting Edinburgh in July 2019 and would love to meet any family who might still be in the area. Thank you.

  5. Leslie,i am Andy Pattisons grandson,his twin daughter Elizabeth was my mother,please feel free to email / phone ,I stay in Perth,about 30 miles north of inverkeithing
    just a thought but we must be 2nd cousins ??

  6. SWTVC Administrator

    Hi folks, I am Harry Sherry, webmaster of SWTVC website. I am happy to learn that Leslie has made a contact regarding the Sumbeam/Darracq Classic Car, featured on our club website. How did you get in touch via this website? Is James a member of our club?


    Hi There,
    I am working on a Documentary about the history of The Novel in Glasgow/West Scotland with a production company called IWC.
    We are looking to hire (for a day) an older style Bentley for the shoot sometime between 20th-31st May (exact date tbc nearer the time)
    We would like an actor (possibly Robbie Coltraine) to drive the car.
    We would insure the car at all times, pay the owner an agreed fee and the owner will be on set / with the car at all times.
    Let me know if you think any of your members would be interested? Best wishes – Andy Drummond (Designer) 07710495474

  8. SWTVC Administrator

    Hello Andy. I have now only picked up your enquiry, 7 May 2019. I am unsure when you require this car. Is it 20th / 31st May 2019. Or what year do you require car?
    Harry Sherry, (webmaster)
    A phone call would be quicker for an answer:

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